TDC Fabrics

The Design Connection (TDC Inc.) creates innovative product designed for the designer (specifier) yet priced aggressively for the purchasing industry.

Provides a seamless process through design and development, with a goal of delivering high style, high performance fabrics – all-the-while meeting budgetary requirements for the hospitality industry around the globe.

Uses the ageless materials of dye and fiber, adding elements of design, texture, weave and finishes to create unique fabrics that will enhance life and ultimately return a positive experience to our clientele.

Commitment to quality products and extraordinary service, coupled with a strong knowledge of the worldwide sales force allows The Design Connection (TDC, Inc.) to continue to set a high standard in textile safety, quality design and pricing within the industry.

Working through the design industry from the early stages of a project, The Design Connection (TDC Inc.) and its’ representative agents help our clientele realize established design goals.