ADR 700 803 lg

Bungalow 5 Holiday Gift Ideas

We at Michael-Cleary selected a few items from Bungalow 5 to help jump start your holiday gift giving. Whether you are purchasing something for your favorite client or you have been tasked to select items on behalf of someone, we think these are some of the more thoughtful items this season. Check out the full selection of accessories on the Bungalow 5 website to find something stylish and on trend for everyone on your list.

Need something for the techie who has every gadget? What about an articulating Magnifying glass! The Anders articulating magnifying glass comes in brass and nickel.

ADR 700 803 lg

Know someone who treasures their beautiful books and always keeps them on display? Then a artful pair of Bohemian bookends might be the perfect find. These bookends come in amethyst, light blue and dark blue. 

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For the super organized who keep their desk magazine ready, maybe the Nadine magnifying glass and letter opener with stand is just what they are missing!

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Not everyone has a green thumb so why not get them a golden bonsai? The Tivoli statue doesn’t require water and always looks stunning.

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