Introducing Casmance

The Misia collection from Casamance is a glittering brand, a brand of charm. Intent on rediscovering the freedom, audacity and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, it taps into and captures the spirit of this crazy decade, then gives it a thoroughly-modern makeover. In doing so, Misia plays with codes of luxury. At once iconoclastic and classic in its approach, it gleans and revamps the glamour of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Innovative and daring.

Misia is a highly experiential brand. Each year, the brand take you on a journey. Each of its escapades, each of its collections is the product and essence of an artistic, emotional, sensory experience … rich anecdotes and fragments of stories and dreams, Misia fabrics are much more than a single delight for the eye, or a pleasure to the touch: they enchant multiple senses.