Groves Bros 3300-BL Winter Rye

Groves Bros Summer Fabrics

Groves Bros. is the USA’s premier manufacturer of traditional Venetian-style fabrics on cotton, linen, or silk. With over 175 standard color variations and 33 patterns, the possibilities are endless! Their fabrics are beautiful anyway you look at them.

Groves Bros 3300-BL Winter Rye
Ceci, 3300-BL, Winter Rye

The versatile fabrics can be used with either side. The front is vibrant & bold, traditional to transitional while the reverse is muted & impressionistic, transitional to contemporary.

Groves Bros Donna, 5507-W, Daffodil
Donna, 5507-W, Daffodil
Groves Bros, Giovanna, 8-3551-C, Moss
Giovanna, 8-3551-C, Moss
Groves Bros Ceci 2003-G Sapphire
Ceci, 2003-G, Sapphire